AS64476 Network Information

AS64476 network is based on a 400Gbps capacity European backbone and 60Gbps to the USA, connecting France, UK, Germany and Netherlands in Europe and San Jose in US, providing a powerfull virtual PC service accessible via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, with dedicated Windows, MacOS and Android apps.

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Administrative Information

NOC email : noc at blade-group dot com

Peering email : peering at blade-group dot com

Peering Policy

Blade / Shadow has an open peering policy, however we require a minimum of 1 Gbps of in-continent traffic destined to or through your network.

We also require an up-to-date peeringdb entry for all public peering requests, including exchange information with properly formatted public fabric addresses, ASNs, and NOC/peering contact information.

Technical requirements :

Peering reccord

AS Number : 64476


Member AS : AS64476

IPv4 Advertised prefixes :


IPv6 Advertised prefixes :

  1. 2a0a:e800::/32
  2. 2a0a:e801::/32
  3. 2a0a:e802::/32
  4. 2a0a:e803::/32
  5. 2a0a:e804::/32
  6. 2a0a:e805::/32
  7. 2a0a:e806::/32
  8. 2a0a:e807::/32 reccord :

Peering policy : open

EU peering facilities

Equinix PA1 - Paris - France

Equinix PA2 - Paris - France

Data4 - Paris - France

Telehouse 2 - Paris France

Interxion AMS8 - Amsterdam Netherlands

US peering facilities

Equinix SV2 - Santa Clara - US

Equinix NY6 - Secaucus - US

Internap Dallas - Dallas - US

QTS Chicago - Chicago - US

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